Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

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What kind of loans does Broad Street offer?

With our Title Loan (also known as auto equity loans), you get to keep your car to drive, during the terms of your loan. Speak with your loan representative to find out which loan terms are right for your needs.

Do I need good credit to get a loan?

No, your loan can be approved today, regardless of credit history. Broad Street Auto Loans understands that people have troubles from time to time, and we're here to help. Speak with your loan representative for more details.

How quickly can I get the money?

We can put cash in your hands in as little as a few hours, depending on your needs.

Does my car need to be paid off?

No, if you still owe money in the vehicle, we can pay off that debt as part of your new loan. Every customer's situation is different, and our goal is provide you with the right loan.

What do I need to qualify?

Broad Street Auto Loans has a short list of required documents that your loan agent can discuss. We make it easy for you to qualify in as little as 15 minutes!

Where does Broad Street Auto Loans do business?

Broad Street Auto Loans proudly serves California! As long as you have a valid car title, Broad Street Auto Loans can give you the cash you need today.