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Donald from Fountain Valley, CA

Norma from Downey, CA

City Loan™ Customer Testimonials

Portrait Of Smiling Man
Testimonial by Donald from Fountain Valley,CA

“My name is Donald, I’ve been using City Loan for about seven or eight years, the people here are wonderful; Pati’s the best. One of the things I like about City Loan is you’re in and out in 30 minutes, money to go, it’s perfect. They’ve always been patient and awesome to work with and I’d use them anytime and I’d refer all my friends to them. Thanks”

Portrait Of Smiling Older Woman
Testimonial by Norma from Huntington Beach,CA

“I heard about City Loan through the TV and Yellow Pages. I called them up, told the guy what I needed, said I needed help, and he told me no problem. He asked if I owned my car title, I said yes, he said I’ll gladly help you. First time when I talked to them on the phone they were very nice to me. When I came down here to fill out the paperwork they were very nice to me. They treat you like they know you, like you’re not a stranger — they know who you are. I like the people here. The people here are all happy, they don’t ask you a bunch of questions and they’re not nosey. If my friends need a loan, needed money, I’d tell them to come down here. I’d tell them go to City Loan, ’cause they’ll treat you nice. They’re not rude.”

Portrait Of Smiling Young Black Man
Testimonial by Raymond G. from Long Beach,CA

“The service was great. The officer was very nice and pleasant.”

Portrait Of Smiling Young Black Woman
Testimonial by Patricia S. from Long Beach,CA

“The process was smooth and fast. Thanks a lot!”

Portrait Of Smiling Young Woman
Testimonial by Annie M. from Los Angeles,CA

“The officer explained everything very clearly. She made the process, which could be difficult elsewhere, easy”

Portrait Of Smiling Young Black Woman
Testimonial by Michelle D. from Long Beach,CA

“Excellent service. I am comfortable and feel that the officer understands all that is needed”

Portrait Of Smiling Elderly Woman
Testimonial by Amal S. from Lawndale,CA

“I always have a great service at City Loan. I feel like they are my family. I will recommend my friends and family here”